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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tradional vs. Innovative

When the compact Disc came out there were a lot of skeptics that said that the sound was too edgy-to this day I sure don't know what they mean by that. Some of them has gone as far as owning tube-driven amplifiers and claim that the sound is warmer. (talk about taking two steps back in time). Back in the 80's when I bought my first CD player I also bought a cheap cd with easy listening classical music. Nice to hear music like that with no hisses or scratches!
There is this cello I am saving up to own. The instrument looks space age but the sound from this thing is loud and even and a lot of well known cellists including Yo-Yo Ma owns one. The article on the latest String issue downplayed the ability of the material -carbon fibre to resonate a good cello sound. Even one of my favorite artists (besides Yo Yo Ma) owns one. Another great aspect of this particular cello is the shape. This one does not have those C bout cornices to dig into my thighs! And say goodbye to right shoulder soreness from playing the A string. It was invented by a cellist from the Boston Symphony Orchestra Luis Leguia-a great guy. Check out his website! (link on the side of this post)

Jumping into cello music world

I had just joined a cello group called The Atlanta Cello project. What a day that was. I drove quite a ways from my part of town towards north Atlanta to have my bass and cello lessons. Then load up my gear and go to a thru way (I have never been through before) and find my way to this meeting. After setting up chairs and stands and warming some, we got to play together a simple piece.
That was nice. I am only beginner-intermediate player and all of a sudden our group coordinator picks this piece that has alto clefs in it and all of sudden I felt like kinderdener in the 5th grade! I tried my best to play but peetered out and felt like crawling away(I had already begun to push in my endpin). She then places me with some that were in another group playing the bass part. I felt so comfortable playing that I didn't want to get out of that one. Then we broke up into group of different levels and I learned a lot from that. If you are a student cellist, look for a group that meets and plays together. The challenges you face with that will be of great help! Happy celling!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cello music

The violin string family a lot of times has been thought of as just an instrument that is dedicated to classical music. When I first started playing cello, I was frustrated to only find performers that dedicated their skills to just that. I am happy to say that no longer is the case. Yo yo ma has widen his repetoir to nearly all kinds of music. I am awed by Joraine the canadian pop singer who uses her cello in her talents. I got really turned on to the cello after Listening Loreena Mckennitt's cellist Caroline Lavelle who is has her own brand of music. Apocalptica brothers act like they got tired of classical and play metal music with it though I prefer their tamer tunes.
Just like an electric guitar or the drums in popular band, cello rocks! This blog is dedicated to sharing all thing cello. Every kind of info and every aspect of it as well as every cool thing!