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Friday, April 24, 2009

Jumping into cello music world

I had just joined a cello group called The Atlanta Cello project. What a day that was. I drove quite a ways from my part of town towards north Atlanta to have my bass and cello lessons. Then load up my gear and go to a thru way (I have never been through before) and find my way to this meeting. After setting up chairs and stands and warming some, we got to play together a simple piece.
That was nice. I am only beginner-intermediate player and all of a sudden our group coordinator picks this piece that has alto clefs in it and all of sudden I felt like kinderdener in the 5th grade! I tried my best to play but peetered out and felt like crawling away(I had already begun to push in my endpin). She then places me with some that were in another group playing the bass part. I felt so comfortable playing that I didn't want to get out of that one. Then we broke up into group of different levels and I learned a lot from that. If you are a student cellist, look for a group that meets and plays together. The challenges you face with that will be of great help! Happy celling!

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