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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spanish version of allthingscello

Since I am a Latina and go to Colombia, S. America just about every two years I thought I might want to add on a latina version of the blog. It may not be the same as this one but neverthless my goal here is to invite dialogue and information sharing about all things cello as well as other ones in the violin family! Especially seeing the need of this after my first cello play in Colombia. Before I left for Colombia last time I went, I needed a cello to practice since I was staying a whole month. I had already been playing for almost 2 years and was taking on this pretty seriously and It would have been a real bummer not to be able have one to practice on. Little did I know the surprises I was going to have when I started searching for someone with one in the city of my destination which is Barranquilla. First of all that there were only 3 cellists in the whole town! Second of all that the dear young lady that I found who leased me one had an interesting story of her cello training. She reluctantly as a young school girl took on cello preferring violin! So she dutifully studied and practiced her instrument until she was able to get trained on the violin. So now she is both cellist and violinist. Not only did I have a cello but was able continue lessons from her! We put together 3 pieces and had my first recital with her.
I was sooo nervous! But it went ok. My audience were just my friends and relatives and those who were honest with me told me that I sounded better the more I played. (I had to gulp down some wine to calm my nerves!) Hopefully with the blogs I may stir some to take up cello in those cities that have little exposure to cello. Barranquilla, Colombia is not the only metro city that has only a few in a latin country there are many others.

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